Theatre/Politics/Memory : Performance Workshop in Peru
21 July - 1 August 2004 Lima, Peru

taught by Jill Lane - with Grupo Yuyachkani - a project of the hemispheric institute


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The Peru Reader: History, Culture, Politics. Eds. Orin Starn, Carlos Iván Degregori, Robin Kirk. Duke Univeristy Press, 1995.

Lecturas adicionales / additional readings
* = available in a reader from Advance Copy in New York City; or from the Institute

*Diana Taylor, “Staging Traumatic Memory: Yuyachkani” from the Archive and the Repertoire: Performing Cultural Memory in the Americas (Duke UP, 2003).
Also available on the Hemispheric Institute web cuaderno on Yuyachkani ( under “cultural repertoire”/”repertorio cultural”)
*Teresa Ralli, “Fragments of Memory” and Excerpts from Antigone, from Holy Terrors: Latin American Women Perform (ed. Diana Taylor and Roselyn Constantino, Duke UP 2003). (Also recommended: see additional materials on Teresa Ralli at the “Holy Terrors” cuaderno at: )
*Luis Millones, “The Inka's Mask: Dramatisation of the Past in Indigenous Colonial Processions” from Andean Art
*Carol Damian, “Pachamama to the Virgin Mary: What the Spanish Never Saw” from Andean Art
*Raúl Romero, Debating the past: music, memory, and identity in the Andes. Oxford University Press, 2001 (selections)


Hemispheric Institute, Newsletter Issue 8: performance & human rights:
To review the classic Antigone by Sophocles, in English translation see:

Additional Readings
- consult according to your interests and to support research projects
most links taken from Steve Foremming's extraordinary website : Culture and Society in the Andes: An Online Reader
(the full site is:

Archaeology and Ethnohistory

Monuments, Masonry, and Magic in Tahuantinsuyu by Astrid Whidden (1997)

Pilgrimage and Ritual Movements in Cusco and the Inca Empire by R. Tom Zuidema

Colonial History

El Primer Nueva Corónica y Buen Gobierno by Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala (1614) (in English translation)

Family Values in Seventeenth-Century Peru by Irene Silverblatt (1998)

Let Me See! Reading Is for Them: Colonian Andean Images and Objects "Como Es Costumbre Tener los Caciques Señores" by Tom Cummins (1998)

Pachacamac and the Señor de Milagros by María Rostworowski (1998)

Economics and Development

The Rise and Demise of Coca and Cocaine: As Licit Global 'Commodity Chains', 1860-1950 by Paul Gootenburg

The Internet, Inequality and Exclusion in Peru: the Social Impact of the Cabinas Públicas by Victoria Holmes (MA Thesis, 2001)

Ethnicity and Language

A Nation Surrounded by Bruce Mannheim (1998)

Digitizing Indigenous Sounds: Cultural Activists and Local Music in the Age of Memorex by Bartholomew Dean (2001)

The Street Signs of Downtown Lima: Memory and Identity in Peru by William W. Stein (2003)


In Search of an Inca by Luis Nieto (2002)

The Pongo's Dream by José María Arguedas (1995) (from THE PERU READER)


Andean Cosmology and the Making of Men by Carolyn Dean (2001)2

Cities of Women by Mary Weismantel (1999)

Politics and Law

Indigenous People and Political Transnationalism: Globalization from Below Meets Globalization from Above? by Sarah Radcliffe, Nina Laurie, and Robert Andolina (2002)

Public Secrets from Peru
by Billie Jean Isbell (2003)

Religion, Ritual, Worldview

Chayraq! by Carlos Iván Degregori (1995) in THE PERU READER

Introduction to "Rituals of Respect: The Secret of Survival in the High Peruvian Andes" by Inge Bolin (1998)

Qoyllur Rit'i, An Inca Fiesta of the Pleiades: Reflections on Time and Space in the Andean World by Robert Randall (1982)





programa l performances l sitios l charlas l talleres l lecturas l escrituras l travel l nosotros
program l performances l sites l lectures l workshops l writings l readings l travel l us