The Kaiapó and the Maxacalí were guests of honor of this event. This farewell performance was the last of a series they did in open spaces. However they did not perform in the larger theatres where the professional artists performed.

At this performance, the performers did not address the audience; they gave no explanations of their performances. They symbolized a radical indigenous alterity in a way more famous indigenous performers such as the Colorado sisters, Luisa Calcumil did not. The Kaiapó are famous among anthropologists for their video production, media savvy, and experience in defending their rights in international arenas and in organizing inter-ethnic indigenous meetings. They have starred in documentaries, and are known to be friends of the rock star Sting. During a public-speaking engagement with anthropologist Terrence Turner, Megaron’s cell phone rang, amusing the audience and demonstrating how conversant with modern technology he was. Kaiapó women, who were not part of the performance recorded the other performances with a cassette recorder.