Dolores from 10h to 22h

by Coco Fusco and Ricardo Dominguez

Once upon a time in a not so faraway free trade zone at the northern edge of Mexico, a woman who cobbled machines together for a living was accused of trouble making at her job. Her boss locked her up in an office without food or water or a phone. He tried over and over to cajole her into signing a letter of resignation. He watched her to see if she would break down. She held out for twelve hours, and later she sued the company. Her boss told the judge that she was crazy and that it never happened. No one would claim to have seen her.

Dolores from 10h to 22h is based on a story that no one saw. Dolores from 10h to 22h is a net.performance by Coco Fusco and Ricardo Dominguez that took place on November 22nd, 2001 from Kiasma, Helsinki's Museum of Contemporary Art. It was also simultaneously broadcast at the Art in Motion Festival in Los Angeles, the Galerie Kapelika in Ljubjlana and iNIVA in London. It will be re-played at Artspace in Sydney during the Sydney Festival in Feburary, 2002. A video installation based on the performance will premiere in 2002.

Sitio web Kiasma (Contemporany Arts Center - Helsinki)


  • Las 12 horas de Dolres seran repetitadas en

The Sydney Festival, Artspace, Sydney, Feb, 22. 2002

Art in Motion Festival, Los Angeles, March 23, 2002

  • La video - instalación - de Dolores será presentada en:

WHAT? A TALE IN FREE IMAGES (group exhibition curated by Cis Biernickx) Opens - October 5, 2002 Memlingsmuseum, BRUGGE, BELGIUM Cultural Capital of Europe 2002

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