• Título: The Fury of the Gods
  • Autor: Susana Cook
  • Data da performance: 2010
  • Idioma: inglês
  • Tipo/Formato: manuscrito

The Fury of the Gods

icon The Fury of the Gods (eng) (89.11 kB)


After the foliage, when all the flowers and the leaves had fallen and the trees were completely naked.  They felt shame and went to hide.

Then God, who wanted to punish them, did punish them.

So the trees felleth.  All at once. So many heavy trees fell down at the same time that they made a thundering sound.  Then people realized that the gods were furious.  Because the earth was trembling with divine fury.   It was so hard the impact of the trees falling that the oceans quaked and produced giant waves that swallowed the earth.

And all that fury had a reason to be.  The Gods were angered by the homosexuals that were living on earth.  And they were not going to stop knocking down trees with the wind, dead and naked trees until there were no more homosexuals on earth.

So then a group of very compassionate people devoted to God and the good of others decided to start slaying homosexuals so the gods wouldn't be upset anymore.


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