• Title: Going South
  • Author: Susana Cook
  • Date: unknown
  • Language: English
  • Type/Format: script

Going South

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At the age of five I escaped with a circus
I guess I must not have been talented in any of
the circus skills
because at the age of seven, the circus abandoned
on the road, halfway between Clavel and Samanita
with Sandy, the monkey
I remember that morning,
we looked at each other's eyes and we knew:
they were gone
we headed north
after 60 miles of quiet walking
we stopped in a little town called Milanta for
I found a job there, feeding birds
in a bird store
Sandy kept walking north
without showing any attachement to me...
I guess I must not have been talented feeding
because after a month I lost my job at the bird
I kept walking north
I reached Gandara
I had some money in my pockets,
I decided to invest in education
I went to school
a good one
the heirs of many important people were going to
that school
I made good contacts there
I told them that my father was a diplomat, he had
to travel a lot
I was invited to trendy birthdays parties
I met a rich guy
we got married
we had kids, and a house and servants
I became a doctor
my kids were very happy,
they were making important friends
because of my diploma
but I wasn't happy