• Title: Liars 17
  • Author: Susana Cook
  • Language: English
  • Type/Format: script

Liars 17

icon Liars 17 (eng) (38.09 kB)


Liars 17 is a muchlongerthannecessary outernet
performance that will last 7 days.
During the seven days of the performance Susana
will do pretty much nothing. Anticipating, in a
purely a-priori judgement of human psyque that
the performance could eventually turn boring and
or irksome as a consequence of people's
relationship to TV, sex and other sources of
entertainment, she won't allow any audience to
attend. She will lock herself in her bedroom
looking at the wall. A camera will be videotaping
her and projecting her image in the opposite
wall. Since Susana doesn't own any camera and or
projector, the image projected in the opposite
wall will be just her shadow created with a lamp
placed directly in front of her.

At this point we will pretend that Susana is a
worker, she has to work for a living and do not
have the opportunity to stay seven days locked in
a room. This is what we call the post-endurance
part of the performance. She will eventually go
out to walk dogs --the job that presumably
provides her current daily income-- and then she
will go back to the room. Every dog walk will
symbolize the service economy . Every twenty
dollars bill she will collect from her dog
walking will symbolize the workers income. The
kinetic of the dog walking will represent the
workers being pulled towards the poop or women
pick up the shit. During the dog walks we hope to
further analyze the relationship between
contemporary prophylactic practices and
punishment (Would people pick up the shit if they
wouldn't get a ticket for not doing it? for
example). The plastic bags used during the
prophylactic practice will be compared then with
the use of latex as a protective barrier during

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