Trucho: Concert by Liliana Felipe (2003) Photo/Foto: HIDVL
  • Title: Trucho
  • Holdings: video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 01:16:10
  • Language: Spanish
  • Date: Jan 2003
  • Location: Performed at Teatro Bar El Hábito, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Type-Format: concert
  • Cast: Liliana Felipe, protagonist, singer ; Jesusa Rodríguez, guest singer.
  • Credits: Jesusa Rodríguez, producer, director ; Liliana Felipe, producer, director, music director.

Trucho: Concert by Liliana Felipe (2003)

Concert by Liliana Felipe, presenting the release of her album Trucho. 'Trucho,' an Argentinean adjective meaning 'pirate,' 'illegal,' 'precarious,' 'devalued' or 'false,' encapsulates Felipe's critique on current hemispheric sociopolitical issues, while dedicating her songs to the 'nobodies' (the dispossessed, the disempowered) of Latin America. Songs like 'Como Madame Bovary,' 'Pobre gente,' 'Soñé,' 'La extranjera,' 'Si por el vicio,' 'Tertuliano,' 'Memoria Mnemosina,' 'No te lo puedo decir,' 'Las histéricas' and 'Tienes que decidir,' among others, are performed and commented by Felipe; the encore features Jesusa Rodríguez singing with Felipe a theatrical and comical version of a traditional Mexican huapango. The singers play with diverse vocal registers along with the syllables that form the name of the volcano Popocatepetl, putting the revered song on its head.The couple then sings 'Mujeres del campo,' a hymn composed for a series of workshops conducted with indigenous Mexican peasant women in the summer of 2002. Felipe ends the concert with the tango 'Lo que vos te merecés' by request of her audience, which that night included writer Elena Poniatowska, publicist Berta 'la Chaneca' Maldonado, curator Montserrat Pecanins, actress Ofelia Medina, and deputy Beatriz Paredes, among other renown intellectual, artistic and political figures of current Mexico City public sphere.