Lidia Milani

Patagonia Shrines

"While traveling through Patagonia I was seized by these altars, by their construction and by their location. They are located at the bends of the roads as memories of accidents and of persons who have passed away. The altars are constructed by those who cannot forget their beloved ones and they return to them to pray. When these silent images emerge - ingenious and austere - in the lonely southern landscapes of Patagonia, everything makes one want to ask for a miracle which they seem in a position to award. Maybe the greatest miracle is their proper existence, there, south of everything."


Lidia Milani was born in Buenos Aires and is a multifaceted artist: actress, singer, photographer and video maker. Her last digital video, a poetic documentation of the making of an opera at Colon theatre in Buenos Aires, triggers a personal view in which her acting background can be recognized. A cinema lover, Milani is an autodidact in photography and "Patagonia Shrines" is her first exhibition in NYC.