• Title: Susana Cook’s sermon, War against Evil
  • Alternate Title: Lemon Cookies Recipe
  • Author: Susana Cook
  • Date: 2003
  • Language: English
  • Type/Format: script

Susana Cook’s sermon, War against Evil

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The War against Evil (Lemon Cookies Recipe)
A sermon by Susana Cook
(July 2003, NYC)

And the Lord said unto him
Lemon Cookies recipe
The secret is in the baking soda
don't you even think about baking powder
squeeze the lemon gently and get rid of the seeds
you can make regular lemon cookies
or Christmas lemon cookies
the difference is in the decoration
for regular lemon cookies, the ornament is a lemon
for Christmas lemon cookies is a Santa....Claus
And the Lord said furthermore unto him
Toppings: Go for the yellow topping
green table cloth, kids love it
And he answered and said:
Lord, they will not believe me,
for they will say, that the Father of their fathers has not appeared unto me
to pass me the lemon cookies recipe
And the Lord said unto him:
For birthday parties use sparkles, it suggests celebration
and happiness in general
if you don't care for the meanings
just go for the taste, sweet or sour
for sour add more lemon, for sweet less
you don't need to add sugar, just reduce lemon