Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances

Marianne Teleki and Héctor Salgado

When he was sixteen, Héctor Salgado was arrested and tortured by the Chilean Navy during the Pinochet dictatorship. At the age of twenty, Héctor found himself without a country, living in exile in the United Statesthe same nation that, with its devastating foreign policy, had caused the torture and death of thousands of Chileans. This documentary follows Héctor as he returns to Chile almost thirty years later with a camera in hand to confront those responsible for his situation and his old jailers, demanding an explanation for their actions, in the name of human justice.


Marianne Teleki is a director and producer raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, Mexico, and Brazil, and currently living in Berkeley, California.  Her directorial debut, Special Circumstances, received recognition, funding, and was awarded various prizes at both the national and international levels.  Marianne has worked as a field producer for Televisión Nacional de Chile and is a member of National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP).

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