Álvaro Villalobos: Black Box


Photo/foto: Paula Kupfer

Black Box

An absolute and voluntary fast for 40 straight hours in silence, in the manner of an exvoto, inside a black wooden box. Juxtaposing the power of the mind with the power of the body, and exercising will power over the need to eat, this work invokes —in the discomfort of confinement— an everyday part of one's personal creative process.


Álvaro Villalobos is a Colombian artist living in Mexico. He received his Masters degree in Visual Arts and his PhD in Latin American Studies from UNAM. He graduated from the School of Arts at ASAB in Bogotá. His work consists primarily of performances, photographs, videos and installations that link social and political issues to the work of art. Currently, he is a professor at the Acatlán School of Superior Studies at the UNAM and he is the Coordinator of the Research and Post-Graduate work at the School of Arts at UAEM.

Background Information
Video edited by Gray Wetzler