Patricia Ariza: Where are they? Living Memory. Women in the Public Square


Photo/Foto: Mateo Rudas

Where are they? Living Memory. Women in the Public Square

This action will include 300 women, the majority of whom are victims and survivors of violence. Together with theatre and dance artists, they will create a living, active and poetic presence, staging an aesthetics of resistance. This event will help make visible to Colombia and to the world the disappearances and forced displacements, the systematic assassinations of political leaders in the country, and the youth who are presented as "false positives." Those who are missing will be remembered by walking through a series of panels which will reflect the void created by their absence.

(See a YouTube clip created by Universidad Nacional students.)


Patricia Ariza is a Colombian playwright, director and actress. Forty years ago she founded “Teatro La Candelaria” with Santiago García. She is currently the director of “Corporación La Candelaria” in Bogotá.

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