photo/foto: Mateo Rudas

Portable Protest

An urban intervention that questions the power of mass media in the political sphere. From buildings located in strategic areas of the city, two video projectors transmit images of different protests from around the world. The video is edited so as not to expose the cause of the demonstrations, thus calling into question the difference between real events and their representations.

Performers: Pedro Bennaton and Luana Raiter


ErroGrupo was founded in 2001, in Florianópolis, Brazil. The collective arose from a need to explore art—from an interdisciplinary angle—as an intervention in the daily lives of people and spaces, exploring the role of the performer, the invasion of public space, and the dissolution of art in daily life.

Members: Ana Paula Cardozo, Julia Amaral y Priscila Zaccaron (Visual  Artists). Luana Raiter, Luiz Henrique Cudo, Michel Marques y Pedro Bennaton (Performing Artists)

Background Information
  • Encuentro location (Bogotá): Plaza de Bolívar
  • Date: August 27, 2009
  • Country: Brazil
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