Sonic Urbanites and Urban Vocalities

Convener: Zebba del Farra

Sonic urbanity: resonant landscapes and silences. Urban vocalities: voices perform in the city. The work group approaches the subject of the city from a pluralistic perspective. It focuses on the experience of sound as a fundamental component in the performance of social, cultural and political subjectivities and objectivities of the urban sector.

José Batista (Zebba) dal Farra Martins Director, musician, teacher, and researcher in the Department of Performing Arts in the School of Arts and Communications at the Universidade de São Paulo. He operates in the areas of “Poetics of the Body and Voice”, and “Theater Artist Education” and is currently coordinator of Performing Arts.


Christina Baker
Amanda de la Garza Mata
Shanna Lorenz
Simone Pereira
Victoria Polti
Ramón Rivera-Servera
Susan Thomas
Bryce Peake
Sarah Townsend
Carlos Silva
Claudia Pacheco

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