Teatro Buendía de Cuba: Pedro Páramo

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photo/foto: Marlène Ramírez-Cancio

Pedro Páramo

Adapted from Juan Rulfo’s 1955 novel, Pedro Páramo follows a son who returns home to meet his father and reveals how one man’s unchecked appetite destroys everything he loves and the town that made him great. Pedro Páramo was created by Buendía with Chicago artists in Chicago and Havana, Cuba, with half from Cuba and half from Chicago. It is a collaboration with The Goodman Theatre, Museum of Contemporary Art, and Northwestern University.


Teatro Buendía de Cuba is the most celebrated independent theater company in Cuba, and is renowned for its adaptations of classic texts, reflecting the struggles and challenges of contemporary Cuban society. Teatro Buendía was founded in 1986 by actress, teacher and artistic director Flora Lauten, with graduates from the Instituto Superior de Arte.

Background Information
  • Encuentro Location (Montréal): Concordia University, Engineering and Visual Arts Building
Teatro Buendía de Cuba: Pedro Páramo Edited by Victor Bautista