Coral Short (Collaboration with Sarah Wendt): Scream Choir

nm ui cshort scream enc14 0006 570pxphoto/foto: Nikol Mikus

Scream Choir

The sound piece is comprised of a large group of people standing in the formation of a traditional choir but, instead of sung notes, this cathartic work will be full of tonal yells and primal screams that will release pent up rage against the machine. We wish this sound ritual to be a transformative experience for both performers and audience.


Coral Short has lived and performed internationally in Asia, North America and Europe. Coral’s playful social practice is ripe with recurring themes of intimacy, trust and ritual. Since the inception of her artistic career, she has instinctually been drawn to projects that are collaborative and collective in nature.

Background Information
  • Encuentro Location (Montréal): Concordia University, Henry F. Hall Building
  • Date: June 21, 2014
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