BlKVdW TM: SOUCCS! an aesthetic, energy-rich solar oasis!

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SOUCCS! an aesthetic, energy-rich solar oasis!

SOUCCS! an aesthetic, energy-rich oasis is an installation/performance where visitors receive solar power in exchange for a story. Stories are embedded in the SOUCCS! station and transmitted via a solar powered, short-range FM transmitter. The power of our stories becomes apparent when a visitor begins the act of receiving clean solar power.


BlKVdW TM are curators, educators, artists based in Canada, using radio, electronics, & performance to explore issues related to gender, environment, race, and community. As Visibly Different transmedia artists we explore how ideas of access to power, environment & medias affect the personas & modalities constructed to operate in the “real world”.

Background Information
  • Encuentro Location (Montréal): Concordia University, Henry F. Hall Building
  • Date: June 21, 2014
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