Helene Vosters & Kim McLeod: Re-Manifestations: Embodying Routes of Contemporary Protest

km ui hvosters remanifestations enc14 012 570pxphoto/foto: Kim McLeod

Re-Manifestations: Embodying Routes of Contemporary Protest

An embodied engagement with the ongoing history of manifest, Re-Manifestations seeks to map the diasporic routes that inform Montreal's contemporary protest genealogies. Participants will perform site-specific creative interrogations of archival artefacts. A documented record of each intervention will be added to digital and analogue maps.


Helene Vosters and Kim McLeod, both artist-scholars,engage in their first creative collaboration. Their work addresses a number of questions including: How can performance alter our relationships with everyday space? How is the digital expanding our understanding of street and public performance? How can performance highlight archival blind spots?

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