The Illuminator: On est plus que 50

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On est plus que 50

To shed light on a controversial law prohibiting protests with more than 50 people in the wake of the student movement in Québec, the Illuminator Art Collective traveled to Montréal to engage with student activsts in a collaborative urban intervention project. We are here to honor the courageous students who exemplified direct democracy as well as herald a warning to world: If such anti-democratic laws can be enforced in a place like Québec, it can happen anywhere.


The Illuminator is an art collective that emerged from Occupy Wall Street in New York City. Armed with a powerful projector, it supports the 99% by beaming messages of solidarity and staging political interventions in NYC and beyond. This “spectacularization machine” draws people into a space where a new kind of conversation may take place. 

Background Information
  • Encuentro Location (Montréal): outdoors and/or roaming
  • Date: June 21-28, 2014

The Illuminator x Encuentro from The Illuminator on Vimeo.

The Illuminator: On est plus que 50 The Illuminator
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