The Cabinet of Curiosities: Destruction, Remains, and Performance | Artist Talk 



Monday, February 11, 2019
6:00-8:00 pm

Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics
20 Cooper Square, 5th floor, Room 503
New York, New York 10003

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Why do we insist on perceiving reality and its materiality as definitive, stable, and finished to the detriment of temporary, renewable, and precarious spaces and things? How do destructive strategies and the permanent production of waste affect the artist’s perception and imagination?

Exploring the relations between material precariousness, consumption, and performance, this talk will take us on a journey through urban environments to examine their remains as a Cabinet of Curiosities, finding in them paths to elucidate our ways of inhabiting and representing the world.

Join us for this talk, The Cabinet of Curiosities: Destruction, Remains, and Performance, by Renato Bolelli Rebouças, Hemi Visiting Scholar and Brazilian art director, scenographer, researcher, and performer. 

Renato Bolelli Rebouças is a Brazilian art director, scenographer, researcher, and performer based in Sao Paulo. He collaborates with many artists and companies from theatre, dance, performance, visual arts, and cinema in Brazil and abroad, and has been presenting his work in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Manchester, Berlin, Prague, Beirut, Antwerp, Lisbon, and Taiwan in partnership with Grupo XIX de Teatro, Marta Soares, Cia. do Latão, Frank Castorf, Bert Neumann, MAPA Teatro, Lowri Evans, among others. He coordinates projects, workshops, and curatorship in scenography expanded, urban intervention, and performance, and teaches at undergraduate and graduate scenography schools in Brazil. Bolelli Rebouças also coordinates transdisciplinary projects at the UAP collective art platform in Sao Paulo’s countryside. He is currently a Ph.D. researcher at the University of Sao Paulo's Laboratory of Performative Practicesand a visiting scholar at Performance Studies/NYU. |

         This events is free and open to the public. A photo ID is required to enter NYU buildings. 20 Cooper Square is a wheelchair accessible venue. accessibility