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Interview with Miguel Rubio: Creación colectiva (2012)
  • TItle: Interview with Miguel Rubio
  • Alternate Title: Creación colectiva
  • Date: 24 Oct 2012
  • Location: Recorded at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, New York City
  • Interviewee: Miguel Rubio Zapata
  • Interviewer: Diana Taylor
  • Duration: 00:19:52
  • Language: Spanish

Interview with Miguel Rubio: Creación colectiva (2012)

In this interview, conducted by Diana Taylor, founding director of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, Miguel Rubio talks about creación colectiva (collective creation) in Latin America. He points out that creación colectiva is not a theater method, but an attitude that emerged from the stage as a rebellion against the socio-political crises that devastated the continent in the late 60s and early 70s. Rubio gives details about key encounters between Latin American theater directors like Santiago García and Enrique Buenaventura, and how this influenced in Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani’s artistic work. He also explains the role that European artists and thinkers like Bertolt Brecht and Eugenio Barba played in the development of new aesthetic and political proposals in Latin American theater. Rubio notes that, in present times, theater is an interdisciplinary experience, where the spectator also has a prominent, active role.

Miguel Rubio Zapata is a director, theater researcher, and founding member of Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani. His most recent directions include: Con-cierto Olvido (2010); El último ensayo (2008); Sin Título-técnica mixta (2004); Hecho en Perú-Vitrinas para un Museo de la Memoria (2001). He is also author of Raíces y semillas: Maestros y caminos del teatro en América Latina (2011), Notas sobre el teatro (2001) and El cuerpo ausente (2008).


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