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Rats, the Fantasy of Extermination (1998)
  • Title: Rats, The Fantasy of Extermination
  • Holdings: video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 00:59:02
  • Language: English
  • Date: Oct 1998
  • Location: Dixon Place, New York City.
  • Type-Format: performance
  • Cast: Susana Cook, Mistah, Sarah Sohn, Saira, Felice Shays.
  • Credits: Susana Cook, producer, writer, director ; Dixon Place, producer ; Julian Mesri, videographer.

Rats, the Fantasy of Extermination (1998)

During his administration, Rudolph Giuliani, the Mayor of New York City, decided that he was going to "exterminate" the rats from New York City. In "Rats" Susana Cook used some of Giuliani's discourse to compare it with the fantasy that some people have to make gays and lesbians disappear; the fantasy that those in power have that they can exterminate and rend any minority group invisible. "Rats" is about queers, butches, lesbians, and a little bit about rats. The show has a non-linear structure. The piece starts with a comparison between rats and King Hamlet. The main character realizes that she already became a ghost --even when she is not dead yet-- and she starts obsessing about her ghost and her death. She states: "sometimes your death can be more important than your life."