Edmundo Torres

enc03_rtorres_mrc_LgPhoto/ Foto: Marlène Ramírez-Cancio

Edmundo Torres and Susana Baca


Edmundo Torres Tresierra was born in Puno, Peru' s most varied dance culture area. Since his childhood, he has danced the traditional dances of his region. He received part of his educational background in the Fine Art Schools of Puno and Lima, and then moved into the theatre arts, graduating in acting in the National Conservatory in Lima. He has participated in several theatre companies as a performer and costume designer. Torres' most enriching experience was working with Yuyachkani in Allpa Rayku, Los músicos ambulantes and Contraelviento. He learnt mask making techniques in Italy, in Milan's Cívica Scuola di Arte Drammatica. He has taught workshops on this matter in Peru, Cuba, Spain, Italy, France and Germany. His masks, objects and sculptures have been exhibited in Peru, Italy, Spain, Germany and Hungary. Besides his work with masks, Edmundo Torres has developed extensive performance work "Ekeko", "Frida Kahlo", "Calaca Catrina", "Agapito" are some of his characters. He currently resides in Berlín, where he participates with the cultural collective "La Calaca", which periodically organizes the Mexican feast "Los días de Muertos". He also collaborates as a mask maker in Theaters such as Berlin' s "Renaissance-Theater", Postdam' s "Hans-Otto-Theater", and the "Bremer-Shakespeare-Company".

Edited by Victor Bautista