David Pleasant: Mélange of contemporary American performance


Photo/ Foto: Julio Pantoja


The Language of the Soul


David Pleasant: President and Founder of RiddimAthon!, Inc., David Pleasant is a musical stylist who was raised in the Gullah/Geechee culture of Georgia, namely Sapelo Island, Darien/McIntosh County and Savannah. His work is driven by the wealth of African retention in the mentioned region, as well as the synthesis of that material into a peculiar resource for American culture. As a Fulbright Senior Specialist, he presents international programs on the subject. His work has been featured in theatre, dance and television. Most recently, he was featured in the award winning musical "Crowns", by Regina Taylor. He is interested in the 5th Meeting of Performing Heritage: Contemporary Indigenous and Community – Based Practices as a platform to demonstrate and share the unique and rare expressions of Georgia/South Carolina Sea Islands culture. These expressions include polyrhythm, call & response, pitched hand claps, syncopation, improvisation, concurrent percussion, shout and others which under gird much of American popular music.



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