María Eugenia Cerutti: 132.000 volts, the Ezpeleta Case




132.000 volts, the Ezpeleta case (Photography)

Alberto: he had a grade 3 brain tumor. He died on July 3rd, 2005, Cuenca 4687, Ezpeleta. Ezpeleta is a neighborhood 40km away from Buenos Aires that houses a high-tension electrical substation. Since the mid-90s, when the substation was privatized and went from low-tension to high, the neighbors began to get cancer.


María Eugenia Cerutti is an Argentinean photographer. She has worked at the Clarín newspaper since 1998. She was a finalist for the New Iberoamerican Journalism Award in 2006 for her work entitled “U 31 - Cárcel de mujeres.” She co-authored the book, 132.000 volts, el caso Ezpeleta.

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