En Vilo: Drag Kings, A Male Thing



Drag Kings, A Male Thing

The “En Vilo” group approaches the gender issue on stage. The show is performed in a cabaret spirit and digs into gestures and situations where male chauvinism is exposed. 
Authors: Alejandra Arístegui, M. Díaz, P. Roncarolo. 
Direction: Alejandra Arístegui.


 En Vilo is an Argentinean group directed by Alejandra Arístegui, who is an actress, philosophy professor, director and theater instructor. The actresses are Marcela Díaz, Patricia Roncarolo (also a singer) and Florencia Rosemblat (also a member of Grupo de Teatro- Murga Comunitaria “Los Duendes de Flores”). The production assistant, Mónica Arroyo, also belongs to “Mujeres del Sur,” a feminist cultural group.

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