Split Britches: Retro Perspective




Retro Perspective / It's a small house and we've lived in it. Always.

Retro Persspective is a short medley of old Split Britches hits that provides a humorous slant on Peggy Shaw's and Lois Weaver's last thirty years of work and play. In Small House, two explorers lay claim to the same territory. These people have known each other for a long time. They occupy a house that has been divided and subdivided by time and bad habits. They sit on a porch, watch the horizon, and wait for the weather to change. Their only hope is an audience.


Founded in 1981 at the WOW café in New York, United States, the group is part of "Staging Human Rights," where they work in prisons in Rio de Janeiro and England. They are also associate artists on the "Clod Ensembles" performing medicine project.

Lois Weaver is an independent performance artist, director, and activist.Currently, she lectures in Contemporary Performance at Queen Mary University of London.

Peggy Shaw is an actor, writer and producer who has collaborated, written for and performed with the Spiderwoman Theater and Hot Peaches Theater. She is currently touring her new show, To My Chagrin.

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