Teresa Hernández: Courage II

jp_thernandez_coraje_enc13_0033_570pxPhoto/Foto: Julio Pantoja

Courage II

A theater piece that explores the theme of urban violence in a country without a declared war, but whose citizens are submerged in the paranoia generated by the security industry. This industry conceals the repressed memory of a militarized nation, involved in multiple wars financed by an arms market. The piece explores our own violence within this global context.


Teresa Hernández is a theater artist with 25 years of research and practice at the borders of dance, theater, and performance. She searches for other ways of making, narrating, and being on the stage, based on a comprehensive study of the body, space, and its own text. Her work encompasses identities as shifting terrain; art and its established canon; violence and power with its multiple faces and branches.

Background Information
  • Encuentro Location (São Paulo): USP - Teatro Teatro Miroel Silveira, Departamento de Artes Cênicas
  • Date: January 14, 2013
  • Country: Puerto Rico
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