Visual Arts Clinic: Art/ Direct Action

Convener: Jorge Hermández Esguep

This work group’s goals are: to develop, reflect on, analyze, design, and share individual and collective artistic works as strategies within the framework of the visual arts. São Paulo will serve as the foundation for these works. To reach this objective, the work group will produce a series of process-based, three-dimensional visual works, which will be (dis)placed throughout the urban space, taking into consideration the social, political, and cultural context of São Paulo.


Jorge Hernández Esguep is Director of the School of Visual Arts at the Universidad Austral de Chile and Professor at the Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación de Chile. A visual artist and an academic, he holds a Ph.D. in Humanities with a concentration in Art and Aesthetics from the University Carlos III, Madrid. His research focuses on performance, fluxus, art/urban action and intervention.


Edwin Cubillos
Artiom Mamlai Acevedo
Eloisa Brantes Mendes
Irene Sanchez
Josefa Ruiz
Iñaki Zeberio de León
Avery White

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