Operation Snatch: Les Demimondes

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photo/foto: Dexter Miranda

Les Demimondes

Les Demimondes examines how fine arts, music, film, photography and the media have profited off the shabby mystique of the whore while whores themselves are criminalized for doing the work itself.The show encourages artists and academics to consider their role in producing work about the sex trade that is more realistic and less of a “saviour.”


Operation Snatch is a cabaret theatre company led by Alexandra Tigchelaar and Cat Nimmo. Based in Toronto, the group has been creating multidisciplinary shows (Under the Mink, Who’s Your Dada?, Neon Nightz and Les Demimondes) and films (Give Piece of Ass a Chance, The Whormons and Creative Trafficking) since 2000.

Background Information
Operation Snatch: Les Demimondes Edited by Victor Bautista