Alvis Parsley (aka Alvis Choi): Montreal Ni-Hao

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Montreal Ni-Hao

“I compartmentalize my body, my mind, emotions, and politics.” Set in the everyday of Montreal’s Chinatown, this nighttime performative walking tour speaks to the themes of racism, labour exploitation, sexuality, and cultural stereotypes from the eyes of a queer Chinese temporary worker through contemplations on displacement, roots, love and grief.


Alvis Parsley (aka Alvis Choi) is one of the top six finalists of Toronto Arts Foundation’s Newcomer Artist Award and a mentee of Diaspora Dialogues’ Mentoring Program 2014. They serve on the Working Collective of Whippersnapper Gallery. Alvis’ work was presented by the SummerWorks Festival, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, and the Mayworks Festival.

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Alvis Parsley (aka Alvis Choi): Montreal Ni-Hao Edited by Victor Bautista
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