Marie La Vierge (Marie-Chantal Scholl): Pet Shop L'Animalerie

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Pet Shop L'Animalerie

My name is Puppe. I am a rentable pet. I am a domesticated human female, always happy and pretty. I am declawed, debarked, hairless, thin and young. I want what you want. I listen without judging. I am loyal and non-threatening. I never contradict you and never ask for nothing. I am a token of your glory. I love you unconditionally.


Marie La Vierge (Marie-Chantal Scholl) was born to Haitian and German parents, and lives and works in Montreal. She holds a BA in Philosophy and Anthropology, as well as a certificate in translation. Emerging from darkness beyond words, her performances are scorching metamorphoses that echo poet Antonin Artaud’s theatre of cruelty.

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