Waging Nonviolence

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Waging Nonviolence is an online source for news, analysis, and original reporting about nonviolent activism. It's also a growing community of activists, journalists, artists, and assorted troublemakers. Please join us for a salon on repression, both real and virtual. We'll be hearing from Bahraini journalist Nada Alwadi, who was jailed for reporting on the pro-democracy protests in 2011; Burmese activist Tim Aye-Hardy, who helped spark the nationwide uprising in 1988 and recently returned from his first trip home in more than two decades; and Salon editor Natasha Lennard, who has covered law enforcement repression of U.S. activist groups.

Información adicional

  • Location: Dept. of Performance Studies, 721 Broadway, 6th floor, New York, NY 10003
  • Event Date: Jueves, 18 Abril 2013
  • Event Time: 7:00 pm