Christian Media and Contemporary US: Politics, Culture, and Belief


Faye Ginsburg, NYU


Linda Kintz U. of Oregon, "Performing Imperialist Fundamentalisms."
Melani McAlister George Washington University, "Read the Future": Christian Prophecy, Popular culture, and the Middle East.”
Tanya Erzen NYU, “Proselytizing Media: Conservative Christian Media Encounters the World.”


Faye Ginsburg is Director of the Center for Media, Culture, and history, and Co-Director of the new Center for Religion and Media at NYU, where she is also a David B. Kriser Professor of Anthropology. Author/editor of four books, her work focuses on cultural activists and social transformation, from her early award-winning study of abortion activists, Contested Lives, to her current work on indigenous media makers. 

Linda Kintz is Professor of English at the University of Oregon and is also affiliated with the Comparative Literature and Theatre Departments. Her books include The Subject's Tragedy: Political Poetics, Feminist Theory, and Drama; Between Jesus and the Market: The Emotions That Matter in Right-Wing America, and, with Julia Lesage, Media, Culture, and the Religious Right.

Melanie McAlister is Associate Professor of American Studies at George Washington University, where she teaches about media, history, and globalization. She is the author of Epic Encounters: Culture, Media, and U.S. Interests in the Middle East, 1945-2000, and has written extensively about American perceptions of the Middle East, including in the Washington Post, The New York Times, The Nation, and the Journal of American History. Her current research focuses on Christian evangelical views of global relations.

Tanya Erzen, a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow 2002-04, co-edited the book Zero Tolerance: Quality of Life and the New Police Brutality in New York City (New York University Press, 2001). Articles she wrote will be included in forthcoming books about religious healing and ethnography and cultural activism in America. Her doctoral dissertation examined issues of sexuality and religion in the politics of the Christian Right, specifically the "ex-gay movement."

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