Luis Alcalá del Olmo

In Nomine Patris and Haití: los espiritus en la tierra

In the history of religions, people in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, in their desire to be close to god and gain his recognition and favor, have created various ways of paying homage, creating cults and devotion.  One aspect of homage is the desire to come "closer" to god through the suffering of the body and through the penetration of a sacred-magic space.  Luis Alcalá del Olmo, photographer and student of popular culture, has created photographic impressions that permit us to see these interesting aspects of ritual in a combination of two of his photographic essays Haiti: Los espiritus en la tierra and In Nomine Patris, based on his work from Haiti and the Phillippines. 


Luis Alcalá del Olmo is a photographer based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He has shown his work widely in the United States and Latin America. For this years Encuentro, he has combined two of his recent exhibits In Nomine Patris and Haiti: los espiritus en la tierra.

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