Mercedes Farriols: MIMU

Mimu, Indigenous Woman- Urban Woman

Mimu, Indigenous Woman- Urban Woman is the experience of sex, love, religion, beliefs, nature, and happiness of an urban woman whe discovering her own indigenous identity.  Cults, myths, beliefs, and a different worldview are Mimu's essence. Water, fire, seeds, soil, Mimu is an "experience" not based in the word, but in silence. 


Mercedes Farriols is an Argentine author, poet, novelist, professor, theatre director and performer. In 2001, she won a scholarship from the Argentine National Endowment of the Arts (Fondo Nacional de las Artes) for her research on the indigenous world.  She also received the ARGENTORES Award for best performance. Currently she is touring in Spain and Argentina with her two last performances: Encarnación, a story about domestic violence, and Mujer Indígena-Mujer Urbana, about indigeous culture in Latin America.  She also coordinates workshops on domestic violence.