Raquel Araujo and Teatro de la Rendija: Mandas and Miracles

Mandas and Miracles

Mandas are made and performed in order to obtain miracles. It is a way of negotiating with God. They are composed of three trajectories over a floor covered in flour.  Three wishes in search of a saint begin a dialogue. The audience will be invited to light their candles for their miracles to be fulfilled.


Rendija Theatre is an interdisciplinary group that has been active since 1989. Its work is based on testimony, autobiography, and improvisation towards dramaturgy and meditation. Raquel Araujo is Rendija Theatre' s director. She has led the group from performance and research to different stagings, presenting them in festivals and conferences in México and the US. Currently the group is based in Yucatán, México.

Background Information
Edited by Victor Bautista