Afro Amerindian Performance

Zeca Ligiéro

This is a workshop drawn for performers. It combines training of Afro and Native Brazilian movement and the staging of written reports by Spanish conquers who entered the Amazon Basin during sixteenth century expeditions. All texts are in Spanish language.


Zeca Ligiero received his Doctorate in Performance Studies from NYU. He is the founder and coordinator of NEPPA at UNIRIO. He is a theater director, artist, writer and director of the graduate and the doctorate programs in theater at UNIRIO where he has taught since 1989. He is the author of the essay "Candomblé is a religio-life-at" published in the book Divine Inspiration by New Mexico University Press. He is also the author of Iniciação ao Candomblé (Initiation to the Candomblé) (1993), Umbanda: Paz, liberdade e cura (Umbanda: Peace, freedom and healing) (1998) and Carmen Miranda: An Africa-Brazilian Paradox (to be released soon). He is an expert in both Brazilian and Afro-Indigenous performance studies.