Hot Tamale (1999)
  • Title: Hot Tamale
  • Holdings: photo gallery, video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 00:53:34
  • Language: English
  • Date: Sep 1999
  • Location: WOW Café Theatre, New York City.
  • Type-Format: performance
  • Cast: Susana Cook, Felice Shays, Vivian Babuts, Saira, Amy Jo Goddard, Dred, Imani Henry.
  • Credits: Susana Cook, producer, writer, director ; Franklin Furnace Archive, producer ; Jaime Omar Yassin, videographer.

Hot Tamale (1999)

Susana Cook is a New York-based Argentinean theater and performance artist. Mainly directed to queer and Latino communities in New York City, Cook's work also encompasses a heated response to broader State policies that oppress communities defined in the intersection of race, gender, and class. In her shows, Cook parodies discourses of power, drawing attention to the close ties between the state, religious and political conservatism, and the military. Cook's plays usually feature all-women casts that defy the normative performance of gender, race, and sexuality. "Hot Tamale" is a Latina fiesta about the Latina stereotype. 1999 was Latin pop singer Ricky Martin's year with his hit song "La fiesta." Latinos became the new market. They were considered hot, great lovers, great dancers, and big consumers. "Hot Tamale" is a show about sex and hot tamales.

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