Grupo de Teatro de Bonecos Giramundo: Cobra Norato

enc05_bonecos_jp_LgPhoto/ Foto: Julio Pantoja

Cobra Norato


Grupo de Teatro de Bonecos Giramundo: The artist members of this group – who have been performing through its existence awarded shows such as Cobra Norato – are able to provide their puppets with the ability to interpret complex texts. "Each puppet has a different type of information". The process of creating a play demands hard work on researching. "The manipulation techniques and the material that we use to make the puppets depend on the how the text, the soundtrack and the scenery will be", explains Beatriz Apocalypse, that after her parents' death last year, inherited the responsibility of maintaining the group, which keeps 13 active shows. Every year, besides setting up a new show, the group works on a remake. The 950 marionettes that have already staged or that are still on stage are part of the Museu Giramundo collection, which has the largest private collection of the kind in Brazil. At the Museum we can also find the Coleção de Desenhos e Estudos para Teatro, with sketches and outlines for set design, and the models of the group´s creator. "What makes Giramundo different is the plastic shape of the puppets, that varies according to each character's personality", says Beatriz. It would make Gepetto's jaw drop.

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