Rhythmical Unit and Character Creation—João das Neves


João das Neves is a playwright, director, actor and writer. He directed the street theater of CPC/ UNE and is one of the founders of the Grupo Opinião, where he worked in partnership with many authors such as Vianinha and Ferreira Gullar. He studied in Germany, where he majored in Drama Sciences and worked in the Department of Radiophonic Parts at WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk). In 1991 and 1992 he organized and directed an interpretation workshop at the Ecological Park Lagoa do Nado, to which he was invited by the Municipal Department of Culture /Belo Horizonte, which developed into the project Primeiras Estórias – an adaptation of 11 stories taken from João Guimarães Rosa's eponymous book. He adapted João do Rio's short-story O Homem da cabeça de papelão for Grupo Trama, directed by Marcelo Bones. He adapted and staged the Mexican classic Pedro Páramo (by Juan Rulfo), performed in the tunnel Capitão Eduardo in the poor suburbs of Belo Horizonte; the adaptation and staging of the play Cassandra (from Christa Wolf´s text). In 2003, he took Franz Kafka's short-story (Um artista da fome), and made a radio adaptation for an eponymous play performed by Boa Companhia/Campinas. In 2003, he signed a contract with Editora Dimensão (Dimensão Publishers) for a new edition of A lenda do Vale da Lua (prize SNT/1975), a drama text for children. Dimensão also published the 4th edition of Por um Triz a Elis ficava sem nariz.