La razón blindada (2006) Photo/Foto: Malayerba
  • Title: La razón blindada
  • Holdings: program, video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 01:30:14
  • Language: Spanish
  • Date: 27 Jun 2005
  • Location: Location: Performed at Casa de América, Madrid, Spain; recorded in the context of the Festival de Teatro 'El Quijote' en Iberoamérica.
  • Type-Format: play, performance
  • Cast: Gerson Guerra, Arístides Vargas.
  • Credits: Grupo de Teatro Malayerba, producer ; Arístides Vargas, writer, director ; José Rosales, costumes ; Grupo Malayerba, set design ; Elena Navarrete, music & lighting ; Unidad de Audiovisuales del Centro de Tecnología del Espectáculo, recording.

La razón blindada (2006)

For more information, see La razón blindada (2005, 2006) under Malayerba.

This video documents the theater piece La razón blindada, written by Argentinean playwright Arístides Vargas and directed in Puerto Rico by Rosa Luisa Márquez, as a part of her ongoing artistic collaboration with Ecuadorean theater collective Malayerba (of which Vargas is director and founding member). Inspired by the 400th anniversary of the publication of Cervantes' El Quijote, by Kafka's writings on Quixote and Sancho, and by the strategies of survival of political prisoners during Argentina's Dirty War (more specifically, the actual experiences of Vargas' brother, Chicho), "La razón" is a piece about imprisonment, madness, storytelling and solidarity. In this staging by Márquez, the text is adapted to the Puerto Rican reality, exploring issues of political imprisonment that links pervasive Latin American political atrocities to selective profiling, political persecution, and the complex colonial condition of Puerto Rico.

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