Pucha Vida

Pucha Vida

Nazly Maryith López Díaz

Produced by La Escuela Internacional del Cine y TV de San Antonio de Los Baños

Pucha, the model revolutionary, lives happily on a set that she devised herself, the wood of her house comes from the very heart of the Sierra Maestra, and everything has a place in her world. However, Rogelia is a woman conflicted about the difference between reality and ideals. Her beloved granddaughter lives in the enemy's country and has changed her nationality. The safe, happy world that came with the Revolution is being threatened.


Nazly Maryith López Díaz graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia with a degree in Political Science. Currently, she is attending the School of Film and Television of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. Her film, Pucha Vida, won the documentary prize at the 29th Festival of New Latin American Cinema, the Caracol of UNEAC photography, and best documentary at the Film Festival of Cusco.


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