Gustavo Álvarez Lugo


Photo/foto: Julio Pantoja


Chabochi is the Tarahumara/Rarámuri (indigenous Mexican) word for Mestizo, the person who is different, who is not from here, the stranger, the foreigner, the other. The work presents performances that have emerged from an intercultural process between the Rarámuri and Chabochi (Western-Mestizo) cultures--from the coexistence with the Rarámuri culture in Norogachi, in the Tarahumara mountains (Sierra Tarahumara).


Gustavo Álvarez Lugo, also known by his alter ego Musgus, was born in México City in 1973, and now lives in Chihuahua. He studied social anthropology. Since 2007, he has led performance workshops in the Sierra Tarahumara with the Rarámuri indigenous peoples, and in the city of Chihuahua in indigenous settlements.

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