Grupo CoMteMpu’s


photo/foto: Cristhian Ávila


Out-doors is a dance intervention in urban space that developed from research on the "Plastic-Body-Object-Thing". The Zezas exhibit, disguise, manipulate, distort, and subvert advertisements for their "product-body," in the midst of traffic, monuments, buildings, and passers-by. The ever-changing behavior of these "Plastic-Bodies-Object-Things"—among the city's other bodies—places Out-doors in a position to challenge the complex configurations that are self-organized and constructed in the urban aesthetic.


Grupo CoMteMpu’sis a contemporary dance company from Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. Members: Sérgio Pereira Andrade (co-founder and general director), Iara Sales Agra (co-founder and producer), Eros Santos Ferrerira, and Natália Silva Da Matos.

Performers: Sérgio Pereira Andrade, Iara Sales Agra, Eros Santos Ferrerira, Natália Silva Da Matos, Aldren Lincoln Barreto de Almeida, Mariana Pereira Gottschalk Morais, Milianie Lage Matos,

Sérgio Pereira Andrade received his BA in Dance and is currently pursuing an MA in Theater Arts at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), Brazil.

Iara Sales Agra is an actress-creator, performer, art educator, and illustrator with a BA in Dance from the UFBA, Brazil.

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Video edited by Gray Wetzler