Activism Beyond Citizenship and the State

Convener: Kathleen Buddle
Conceived by: Peter Kulchyski

This work group explores collective practices, spaces and movements that surface as alternatives to the modern paradigm and the neoliberal project in particular. We question the idea of “the citizen,” the unchecked universality of human and cultural rights, the State as the ultimate unifying force for social organizing, the fantasies of uprooted global thought, and the current meltdown of capitalism. We hope to reflect on possibilities for the future, looking at examples of social practices that are working today throughout the hemisphere as glimpses of that “other world” that is possible to build.


Kathleen Buddle is Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Manitoba. Her research and publications span urban aboriginal legal and social health issues including: participatory action research among urban aboriginal youth, the social history of aboriginal media activism, aboriginal women and community development, and First Nations cultural politics.


David Ayala Alfonso
L.M. Bogad
Jarvis Brownlie
Tatyane Estrela
Jorge Gonzalez
Anadel Lynton
Lina Färje
Praba Pilar
Suzana Ribeiro
Alessandra Renzi
Roberto Santaella
Salvador Salazar Gutiérrez