Encarnado (2005)
  • Title: Encarnado
  • Alternate Title: Incarnate
  • Holdings: photo gallery
  • Date: 2005
  • Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Type-Format: performance, dance
  • Cast: Allyson Amaral; Amália Lima; Ana Paula Kamozaki; Celina Portella; Giovana Targino; Gustavo Barros; Jamil Cardoso; Leo Nabuco; Micheline Torres; Calixto Neto; Carolina Campos; Clarissa Rego; Lidia Larangeira; Leonardo Nunes; Priscila Maia; Thais Galliac; Volmir Cordeiro
  • Credits: Lia Rodrigues, general conception and director; Silvia Soter, dramaturgy; Milton Giglio, lighting design;

Encarnado (2005)

In 2003, Lia Rodrigues Companhia de Danças was invited by CEASM, the Centre for Study and Social Action at the Favela da Maré, for a residency at the Maré Culture House. Favela da Maré is one of the largest complexes of favelas in Rio de Janeiro, with a population of over 130,000. The initial material for this production was a series of questions: Is it possible to identify with those who suffer? How are we affected by our own pains? What are the things that really count in our lives? How can we break borders and recreate a common territory? How can dance interfere, or even exist, in the context of a reality as tragic as Brazil's? encarnado was created in the space of the favela keeping an open door policy, so that members of the community could watch rehearsals, and the dancers could interact with the community. The assumption was that the body, in contact with a new space, produces a new way of moving, of thinking, of generating new forms of organization.