Menopausal Gentleman (1998) Photo/Foto: Split Britches
  • Title: Menopausal Gentleman
  • Holdings: video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 00:51:48
  • Language: English
  • Date: 5 Dec 1998
  • Location: Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Buffalo, New York.
  • Type-Format: performance, cabaret
  • Cast: Peggy Shaw.
  • Credits: Split Britches, producer ; Rebecca Taichman, director ; Peggy Shaw, writer.

Menopausal Gentleman (1998)

This video documents Split Britches' show "Menopausal Gentleman," Peggy Shaw's bluesy, pseudo-stream-of-consciousness lounge act about a butch lesbian going through "the change." An Obie-winning, tour de force one-woman show about a menopausal body and the fires of its ageless heart, Peggy Shaw's "Menopausal Gentleman" is a revelation. Shaw riffs on the hormonal effects of menopause complete with hot flashes, cold sweats, humor and tears, penetrating and perpetuating the mystery in an unlikely persona. She is a tough-speaking film-noir soul performed in Shaw's trademark drag patois (a self-conscious and artificially low New Yorkese), or to put it simply: a tough guy in a swell suit!