Vidas ejemplares (2008)

Vidas ejemplares is a project, composed of videos, installations, four actors, two dancers, and a route through Christianity in baroque Latin America. Directed by visual artist José Alejandro Restrepo, this theatre-performance piece takes as its protagonists Saint Barbara, who had one of her breasts cut off as a symbolic form of violence for someone whose death would not be sufficiently didactic; Saint John the Baptist, whose head was cut off as a trophy in the war of Salomé; Saint Jerome and his struggle against the wild beasts; and Mother Laura Montoya, a missionary and devoutly religious woman from Antioquia, Colombia of the 20s, in order to speak of the history of bodily sacrifice in religion. This project was chosen in 2001 by the Programa Nacional de Estímulos of the Ministerio de Cultura of Colombia, and participated in the XI Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá.