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Diamela Eltit 30 Years of CADA's 'NO+' (2009) Photo/Foto: HIDVL
  • Título: Diamela Eltit 30 Years of CADA's 'NO+'
  • Otros títulos: Diamela Eltit 30 años del 'NO+' de CADA
  • Propiedades: video (HIDVL)
  • Duración: 00:03:50
  • Idioma: español
  • Fecha de presentación: 1 Oct 2009
  • Type-Format: lecture
  • Créditos: Diamela Eltit, speaker.

Diamela Eltit 30 Years of CADA's 'NO+' (2009)

In this introduction to the 30-years celebration of the first public CADA’s ‘acción,’ Diamela Eltit reads a text in which she highlights the political relevance of this collective in relationship with the Chilean dictatorship, and the hegemonic cultural domination against which CADA performed. CADA’s ‘acciones de arte’ functioned as an archive and artwork simultaneously. Their members wanted to make a strategic material from the excerpt; in this sense, their methodology is based on a fragmented reality, and heterogeneity. The well-known intervention ‘NO +’ was the opening to a rebel narrative, and also opened a space for the word from the streets, repressed by terror. In CADA, arts, politics, and poetics converge, and its legacy belongs to the city and the citizens. ‘NO +’ is now an artifact and grammar of the public domain. Diamela Eltit is a distinguished Chilean performance artist, novelist and cultural critic. Winner of the Guggenheim Fellowship and numerous other awards and appointments, Eltit was a member of the acclaimed Colectivo de Acciones de Arte (CADA) during the years of the Pinochet dictatorship, and has been an important cultural presence during the years of the post-dictatorship through her participation in journals such as Revista de Crítica Cultural. Both as an artist and a critic, Eltit's work has made important contributions to feminist theory and she has been a regular contributor to Debate Feminista. In 2000, she published ‘Emergencias: Escritos sobre literatura, arte y política,’ a book of essays which brings together some of her literary and cultural criticism.


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